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Weekly Digest - March 13th

Welcome to the Weekly Digest!

Below you will find resources to help you on your journey through the Book of Psalms. We've provided you with a reading plan for the upcoming week, journaling prompts, a weekly Spotify playlist, and ideas for prayer. Be sure to check in every week to see what we have for you next as we continue to enrich our journey through the Psalms.

Reading Plan March 13th - March 19th

Psalms 101-105. Read and reflect on Psalm 99 in preparation for Sunday, March 20th's teaching. You can download the reading guide for the entire series here.

Scripture Memorization

Scripture memorization is an important discipline to introduce to our lives as a way to actively hide God's word in our heart. It allows us to not only internalize the text, but to share that truth with others more readily.

Memory Verses for March: Psalm 101:6

I will look with favor on the faithful in the land,

that they may dwell with me;

he who walks in the way that is blameless

shall minister to me.

Journal Prompts

* A quick note on journaling: if you're new to this practice, our journey through the book of Psalms will be a great way to get started. The most important step to forming this discipline in your life is to write anything and write often. Journaling is an incredible way to slow down, digest the content of a text, let your brain internalize thoughts that may come up, and keep a record for future reflection on what God was speaking to you during your reading. Journaling can take many forms such as written prayers, bullet points, stream of consciousness, or even poetry. Try some different methods and find the one that works best for you.

Journal Prompts / Discussion Questions from Today's Teaching

How do you know if your heart is hardening toward God/

What is the antidote for a hardened heart?

How does Psalm 95 describe a holistic view of God?

How are you doing in the following areas of your walk with God?

  • Obeying His voice?

  • Hardening your heart?

  • Maintaining an intimate relationship?

  • Knowing His ways?

What does the Psalmist mean by entering in God’s rest?

Journal Prompts / Discussion Questions for This Week's Reading

Psalm 101

The King, most likely David here, makes three different commitments throughout the Psalm

  • Write what you think he commits himself to based on the text

He commits himself to a love for God and his justice, to live a blameless life, and for his desire to be only for God.

  • Which for you is the hardest to stay committed to and why? Which is the easiest for you to stay committed to? Why?

  • Do you hate wickedness and evil as much as David here? Why or why not?

Psalm 102

Here a request is made and in the same breath refused by God, and yet the psalmists prayer is answered.

  • When is a time that God answered your prayer… just not in the way you thought he would?

  • How can we rest that God’s answer is the best answer, even when it doesn’t feel like it’s what you wanted, and even sometimes what you needed?

  • What comfort does it bring that even if God doesn’t answer in the way you thought he should, the God of the universe hears you?

Sit for a while and take to God, remembering that he HEARS you!

Psalm 103

Make a list of reasons why we can Bless the LORD

  • What is your understanding of experiencing God as our Father?

  • Do you struggle to see God as a loving Father who is in complete control? Why or why not?

In his Fatherly love for us, he wants to see us progress towards more wisdom, and walk further down the dirt road of sanctification towards becoming more and more like Him.

  • Where would you say you have made a lot of progress in your journey?

  • Where would you say you still have a long ways to go?

Psalm 104

What is something about creation that leaves you awestruck?

What does the way all things were created say about the God who created it?

Where do you see examples of redemption and renewal in Creation itself?

Challenge: Go on a walk and take your journal. Take note of 5 simple aspects of Creation, that when thought about more, show a complexity that requires a Creator

Psalm 105

Psalm 105 allegorically walks through the way in which God has worked through periods of time.

  • Make a list of ways that God has worked through your life up and to this point

God has never just said he would do things, but he actually did them

  • What’s a promise that God has made in Scripture that you have seen fulfilled in your own life?

- What areas of your life can your deeds line up more with your words?


This Week's Playlist


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