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Weekly Digest - April 9th

Welcome to the Weekly Digest!


We are taking a break from Ephesians April 2-16th for our Easter Series: The Gift of the Resurrection.

Journal Prompts

* A quick note on journaling: the most important step to forming this discipline in your life is to write anything and write often. Journaling is an incredible way to slow down, digest the content of a text, let your brain internalize thoughts that may come up, and keep a record for future reflection on what God was speaking to you during your reading. Journaling can take many forms such as written prayers, bullet points, stream of consciousness, or even poetry. Try some different methods and find the one that works best for you.

Journal Prompts / Discussion Questions from Today's Teaching

John 20:1-25

When Jesus ask Martha the sister of Lazarus the question “Do you believe this” what was he referring to?

What have you struggles to believe? How are you productively processing that struggle?

Why did Jesus first appear to Mary at the tomb following His resurrection? Is there a significance to that event?

How had Jesus shown patience toward you in your spiritual development as He did Thomas?

Do you believe this? Fill in the blanks as to how this speaks to you.

This Week's Playlist


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