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That You May Believe - October 6th

That You May Believe - Week 4 Recap

Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus reveals that being born again is the one, and only, qualification to enter in to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is not a literal rebirth, but a radical, inward spiritual change and shift. Being reborn can only be done through belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is in the belief of this that we also accept the call to follow Jesus. This new, eternal life is a life of following Christ. When we believe and obey this call to follow Jesus, we start our difficult process of moving to the light - to sanctification. In this process, we must never settle, but through Christ, move to the light


John 3:1-21

Matthew 19:16-21

Matthew 4:18-22

Let's Chat

Let's keep the conversation going. Use the following questions to discuss with your family, friends, or discussion group.

1. Is there a moment in your life where you accidentally took something literally that was meant to be taken metaphorically?

2. Is there ever a time in your faith where you asked the question “How can these things be?”; if so, what was it?

3. Nicodemus was being introduced to this new qualification to enter the Kingdom of God and it was shaking the foundations of his faith. Has there ever been a moment in your life that a “pillar” of your belief was shaken? Why did you impact you so strongly?

4. Our new, eternal life is a spiritual, inward shift exemplified in how we live our life. Are there areas in your life that you are unable to give up? If so, why are you unable to give God everything?

5. We tend to stop moving and stay in the dark when we focus on how we can make ourselves better, or what we can do to move closer to the light - to Jesus. What areas or situations in life tend to draw your focus from Christ, and what are practical ways to refocus ourselves on how he can move us closer to the light in those times?

Miss Sunday?

If you didn't get a chance to hear Sunday's message, check out the link below to watch. (Sunday message videos are usually available Sunday afternoon.)


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