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That You May Believe - October 20th

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

That You May Believe - Week 6 Recap

As our journey continues through the Gospel of John, we have experienced examples of

faulty faith in people like Nicodemus and the Jewish man inquiring about baptism in chapter 3. Now we arrive in chapter four to the most improbable narrative to bring us an

example of what true faith looks life. What irony that we experience in the story of the Samaritan

woman at the well.

Where do you start with such a story as this?

We start where any journey must start, and that is at home, by home, we are referring to our heart. This narrative begins and concludes at a place called Jacobs well. Jacobs well is more than a place to hydrate; it is a place that symbolizes the Samaritan's covenant with God through their patriarch Jacob. How ironic that on that day, at the hottest hour of the day, Jesus the fulfillment of the covenant sits and awaits an adulteress at Jacob's well. The journey begins with the things of our heart. We have a Savior that relentlessly pursues a relationship with us. Here, in the heat of the day, at a well in Samaria, Jesus is risking His reputation to be seen with a person of questionable morals.

Jesus does not gently pursue her heart as the Savior; He relentlessly and passionately presses into the brokenness of her life. There is not a barrier that will prevent Him from offering this struggling individual living water. She is confused with Jesus' language; her response to His conversation is draped in her humanity, sincere yet confused. None of this prevents Him from revealing the Father's love for her, even to the point that she is the first to whom Jesus reveals His Messianic identity.

We walk through this life at times, hiding behind the barriers of religion, shame, guilt, pain,

disappointment, and brokenness as if somehow God can't find us there. There is no barrier so obscuring that would hide us from the Father's relentless love through His Son Jesus.

Barriers come in so many forms and from just as many sources, so we open our heart today for the Holy Spirit to bring these things to our understanding.


John 4:1- 39

Hebrews 4:13

Jeremiah 23:24

Let's Chat

Let's keep the conversation going. Use the following questions to discuss with your family, friends, or discussion group.

1. Make a list (write them down) of barriers and potential barriers in your life.

Now in light of your limited humanity and God's unlimited greatness and love for you, open your

heart to Him. Freedom never supersedes transparency with the love of the Father. Transparency results from trust, and trust comes from an understanding of the Father's heart for a woman at a well in the heat of a Samaritan day.

Miss Sunday?

If you didn't get a chance to hear Sunday's message, check out the link below to watch. (Sunday message videos are usually available Sunday afternoon.)


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