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That You May Believe - September 15th

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

That You May Believe - Week 1 Recap

Augustine (4th-century philosopher and theologian) describes the Incarnation of Christ as God's accommodation to the limitations of our humanity, specifically that we could not fix ourselves. Thus, since human beings cannot adjust to God, Augustine reminds us that God adjusted to us and became flesh. The Incarnation is a struggle for our humanity because it defies logic and any form of possibility. The thought that God who lives outside of the time and space continuum. God, who existed before the creative order as we know it, would accommodate us?

John is very clear that Jesus is light, and we are not, that we are not just products of our environment but bent toward sin. God wrapped Himself in flesh to bridge the gap of eternity created by the rebellion of Adam and Eve in the garden. Our response to God's accommodation as humanity was rejection, yet Christ leans into us and not away from us. He places within us the power to become children of God. God remains true to His character through the ages as He extends to us "grace upon grace."

The fulness of forgiveness is here for all of us now!


Genesis 3:15

John 1:1-18

Psalm 14:3

Colossians 1:27

Let's Chat

Let's keep the conversation going. Use the following questions to discuss with your family, friends, or discussion group.

1. If God has accommodated me through the Incarnate Christ, then why am afraid to accept His forgiveness? Do I think my sins are too difficult for Him or greater than His work on the cross? Do I fear rejection from God?

2. Is my inability to forgive myself related to my hesitancy to accept His forgiveness in my life? Am I holding myself to a higher standard than God does? Has my expectation or disappointment in myself become a barrier in my life to His grace?

3. What are my next steps?

Begin reading the Gospel of John. An understanding of an accommodating God only comes through a relationship with the Incarnate Christ. As you get to know Jesus, you will have a greater understanding of the character and nature of the Father.

Open your mind and heart to God's unlimited forgiveness for you. Not only does He remove the sin, but He releases you from guilt because long after the act of sin or failure is the relentless guilt. Trust Him for forgiveness and freedom from guilt.

Tell someone else what Christ has done and continues to do in your life. Disciples make disciples.

Have a daily conversation with God; it is called prayer.

Miss Sunday?

If you didn't get a chance to hear Sunday's message, check out the link below to watch.

(Sunday message videos are usually available Sunday afternoon.)


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