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Discussion Questions - May 24th

Take a few moments to discuss or ponder on the following questions in relation to today's message.

1. When is the last time God instructed you to use a screwdriver and you made a decision to use a hammer?

2. The tension between God’s instruction for our lives and our temptation to rewrite those instruction will continue to be a struggle.

3. How are you dealing with this tension?

4. When you hear the term “gospel conversation” what is the first thought that you have?

5. Do you see a “gospel conversation” as a designed strategy or a heart felt opportunity to share your grace story while pointing others to the cross?

Take a moment today and share your grace story. The apostle’s teachings in Acts consisted of their firsthand experience in Christ along with Christ’s teachings. Tell your gospel story.

You are the church and the church has gospel conversations.


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