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Discussion Questions - May 10th

Take a few moments to discuss or ponder on the following questions in relation to today's message.

1. According to Colossians inner conflict is a result of the brokenness of this world. As a woman what is the greatest inner conflict of your life at this moment?

2. Understanding how influential you are as a woman think of three ways that influence can be used for the greater of God’s glory? This can be in the life of a stranger, co-worker, friend, boyfriend, husband, children or family member.

3. In realizing that you are not called to be “everything to everyone” because Christ is everything so you don’t have to be. How and what adjustments do you need to make in your life to achieve this?

4. Remember you are in a race and the focus is not your position in the race compared to all of the other runners. The focus is the process and that is where Christ meets you, in the process.


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