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Discussion Questions - January 17th

Take a few moments to discuss or ponder on the following questions in relation to today's message.

1. How are you currently involved civically? How are you making your community a more positive place to live? If you are unable to answer these questions, then take that as positive motivation to become involved. No guilt intended!

2. If you’ve clothed yourself in Christ as Romans 13:14 encourages us to do, how would that change the way you love and care for others? Give real-life examples.

3. Who is that person in your life that you struggle to love? You do not have to know them personally to struggle with loving them. How can you “do them no harm” in a greater way?

4. Are you living each moment of your life in light of the impending day of Christ's return? What should I be doing differently in light of the day being at hand?


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