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That You May Believe - Part 13 January 19th

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

That You May Believe - Week 13


In the Gospel of John chapter 9, we discover the narrative of the healing by Jesus of the man who was born blind. The story has, for centuries, spawned great debate due to Jesus revealing the cause of the man's blindness. His blindness was not due to his sin or his parent's sin but was so that the works of God might be displayed through his blindness and subsequent healing.

Those that had known this blind man began to question his identity because they could not believe that he had been healed, but even greater was their unbelief in the one who healed him. In fact, instead of embracing him and his healing, he is cast out of the community. Jesus finds him and has a conversation regarding blindness greater than that of his physical blindness; Jesus addresses spiritual blindness. The Pharisees overhearing the conversation questioned Jesus regarding their possible blindness even though they are physically sighted. This conversation leads us to chapter 10 of the Gospel of John, which is perhaps one of the most pivotal passages of scripture in our current canon.

Chapter 10 is a continued revealing of who Jesus is, but this time He is revealing Himself through a word picture. The comparison that Jesus makes is that of a good shepherd who lovingly and graciously cares for His sheep. We're the sheep, and Jesus is the good Shepherd that provides protection and a pathway to abundant life to His flock.

Take a few moments before proceeding any further and read The Gospel of John chapter 10 in its entirety, where it refers to sheep understand that is an inference to you.

Hear His voice clearly though this word picture and understand Jesus is not the Good Shepherd that brings life but that He brings life abundantly. That we can live and then we can live abundantly. So, your mind is already drawing conclusions that may have very little to do with what Jesus is referring to here in these verses. This life that is greater than just living has little to do with possessions. It has everything to do with living as sons or daughters and loving others like a servant. This life that the Good Shepherd brings us is simply faith in Christ expressing itself through love for God and others. It's about being His sheep and hearing His voice in the day in and day out lifestyle of a gospel-driven love for God and others.

So, pause your busy day and reflect on how this abundant life looks for you. How are you bringing a gospel impact into your sphere of influence? His sheep know His voice, and His words and actions are always about others. We are members of the flock, not by association, but by a relationship that results in gospel action.

He is the Good Shepherd, and we are His sheep, so quiet yourself for a moment and hear His voice.

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