Sponsor a Teacher

As a local church, we're always looking for ways to support those in need in our community. This fall, teachers across America are facing incredibly difficult situations and the kids in their care are navigating all kinds of battles. We feel that it is important to show our support for these hardworking educators and leaders, who often go under-appreciated. First, we ask you to pray for these teachers, those who you may know personally and those you don't. If you know a teacher, reach out and let them know they have your support, whatever that looks like. Second, some of our teachers at Hope Fellowship have shared wish lists for items they need to take on this challenging fall semester. If you're able, we ask you to help by purchasing items on these lists as soon as possible as the start of school is quickly approaching.


If you are a teacher reading this, know that we see you, we're praying for you, and we love you. If you have a list you'd like added to those below, simply email us your information at