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Discussion Questions - April 11th

Take a few moments to discuss or ponder on the following questions in relation to today's message.

1. If “undercover”Jesus came up and walked alongside you and your friends/family right now, what’s the conversation he’s hearing?

2. Read v25-27 and then describe a time when your expectations for God didn’t match what you were seeing in your current life situations. Is your natural response to seek deeper or refrain from further investigation?

3. Some might say that, “if you need evidence then you don’t have faith”. How might this thought process be damaging to the church and be antithetical to God’s desire for us to have discerning hearts?

4. Take time to read Gen 3:15; Gen 22; Numbers 21:9; Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, 69. How do you see Jesus in these passages and why would it be so important for him to expound on these passages to the two followers?

5.The spiritual eyes of the two followers were opened after they invited Jesus into their personal home. What areas of your home (life) are you having difficulty inviting Jesus in?

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