We are created for community. We believe that you can become who God has
created to you to be by belonging in a community of believers. Connection Groups are
our way of helping you Become and Belong. Connection Groups are made up of
Community Groups, Home Groups, and Affinity Groups that cultivate life-giving relationships by loving God and loving others through different seasons, settings, and studies.

Community Groups

An open group of any amount of people that cultivate life-giving relationships centered around Jesus and His word, book studies, and other curriculums in the context of large group settings.




Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are all about joining an interest group through anything and everything. Whether it’s fishing, pickle ball, disc golf, hiking, quilting, gardening, or maybe even eating, it is simply a way for us to further connect in our daily lives so that we can bring glory to God by enjoying His creation with those that he has created!​




A closed group of 8-12 people that are committed to each other for a period of time that build life-giving, authentic relationships in the context of each other’s homes.


Lead a Group

A Connection Group Leader helps a group grow in their ability to love God and love others. If you are interested in leading a current group, or starting your own, please contact Pastor Nathan to find out your

next step!

How often do

groups meet?

Groups generally meet bi-weekly or monthly in the evenings, but times differ depending on the group. Specific times for groups can be found on the groups' profile. 

Is childcare provided?

Childcare varies from group to group. Some groups already have childcare in place, and if childcare is needed but not yet in place, Hope works with the groups to provide childcare.

Where do

groups meet?

Meeting places depend upon the type of group you are attending. Community Groups meet at Hope or in public places. Home groups meet in the homes of group members.

What do groups do?

The main goal of all groups is to get together and build life-giving relationships by loving God and loving others.