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October 26th - November 1st

But You Said…

Have you ever felt helpless? What happens when you feel backed in a metaphorical corner? Those moments when you are surrounded by what appears to be insurmountable odds and you feel outnumbered. Visit a social media platform, turn to a
newscast or just have a conversation about politics and you begin to have the thought, “how can I possibly affect positive change in my world or in the space that I occupy in this world?” It becomes exhausting and we resort to withdrawing or taking things into
our own hands and relying on human initiative.

So, what do we do when we have a desire to bring effective change, but we just don’t know where to start or we are so intimidated by the task?

In the Book of Genesis chapter 32 we find the narrative of Jacob and Esau, twin brothers who are at odds with each other and for good reason. Esau who was to receive the first-born birthright was cheated out of that birthright and inheritance by his second-
born brother Jacob. There are years of bad blood here and Jacob returns home after leaving in fear of being killed by Esau. What will happen? Will Jacob survive? How will Esau respond to Jacob's invitation to meet and restore the relationship? Jacob finds
himself backed into a corner, his back to the river and facing the approaching Esau and 400 men.

Have you ever felt like your back was to the river and you were facing a world of brokenness you wanted to bring effective change to? What do I do about racism? What can I do about abortion? What can I do about sex trafficking? I believe in equality for all of God’s creation but what can I do? How do I navigate our political environment? Can I love my neighbor as myself when we are vastly different?

Here’s what Jacob does, and this is why we are going to join together this week for prayer. Jacob prayed and he starts with these powerful words, “But You Said”. We are not weak and helpless backed in a corner with no means to affect the world around us. We are children of promise! The power of God resides in us through His promises so this week we pray, “But You Said”.

James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.